Sunday 18th August 2018
12:30pm to 7:30pm
   Music, Dance & Chariot Parade through Amsterdam
Sounds, colours and festivities from ancient India
Start:                         12:30pm from van Hilligaertstraat 17hs, Amsterdam (the local Hare Krishna Temple) - see Parade Route page.
Finish:                             15:00 on Dam Square
Pull the 20m high chariot cart of Their Lordships, Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra through the streets of Amsterdam, with live music, singing, dancing and costume parade

DAM SQUARE FESTIVAL:   15:00 – 19:00 hrs including: 

At Dam Square be ready to join our Kirtan Festival with many expert singers and musicians from around the world where we will encourage everybody to participate in this traditional form of mantra meditation known as Bhakti Yoga. You will also be offered a free vegetarian feast whilst you watch the performances, or you can browse the spiritual philosophy and books tents or listen to the Questions and Answers session to learn more about Krishna Conscious philosophy.

* Kirtan Festival from ancient Indian devotional traditions 

* Free Vegetarian Feast lovingly prepared and offered to God and then served to all guests, participants and volunteers ("Prasadam" in Hindi) 


* Spiritual Philosophy, Yoga & Books - hundreds of books on Eastern spirituality, Yoga, philosophy and vegetarian cooking on sale.


Please come in attractive, smart, and devotional clothing attire.  Don't be afraid to be be creative, colorful and beautiful.

Baladeva Keilman,
2 Aug 2012, 07:15