Please volunteer to help make a wonderful festival
"A blissful and enlivening experience!"


We need people to create flower garlands, decorations, pennants, flags, banners, costumes etc for the parade, Rathayatra cart and the music float.  If you are talented and creative, please offer your services to decorate Lord Jagannath’s festival.



  • 3 people to build the cart (Sunday 14th 05:00am to 10:00am) – You need to be strong and dependable. But get the special mercy of Lord Jagannath by building His cart!!!
  • 2 people to break-down the cart (Sunday 17:00 – 20:00pm) – You need to be strong and dependable. But get the special mercy of Lord Jagannath by taking down His cart and receiving the dust from his feet!!!
  • 1 Cart Driver and 1 assistants to ride on the cart for Safety, and for lowering/raising the canopy. (Sunday 11:30am to 15:30pm) - Driving experience is required. Must be good at seeing potential dangerous situations in advance and communicating/taking action to prevent problems. Must like to smile lots and dress very well (you will be on the cart serving/representing Lord Jagannath directly)
  • Garland Makers - Saturday 13th between 10am and 5pm to make the garlands for Their Lordships, VIP guests and to decorate the cart.
  • 6 Cart Decorators – (Sunday 14th 09:00 – 12:00) – Please help decorate the cart with various flower garlands, and other decorations that have been created/provided.


  • Decoration assistants (Saturday 13th 09:00 – 18:00) - Please help decorate the music float with cloth and flowers.
  • Musicians, singers and dancers are welcome to join the music parade. Please bring your instruments and "Dress-to-Impress"
  • 15 Safety Assistants (11:30 to 15:30pm) – To keep the formation of the parade, protecting the guests and the Ratha Yatra cart. Must be committed, dependable and maintain good concentration to stay alert. Must also be good with dealing with people in a firm but friendly/respectful way.
  • Participants to pull the Rath cart, join in the Kirtan and join in the general procession escorting Their Lordships through Amsterdam. Please Dress-To-Impress for the pleasure of Their Lordships and bring a smile!!


  • Dancers – dressed up in spiritual/Vedic theme costumes to dance in the costume parade section (of the Rathayatra parade)
  • Actors - dressed up in spiritual theme costumes to perform during the costume parade section (of the Rathayatra parade)
  • Any other groups that wish to create spiritual theme costumes to join the costumer parade section (of the Rathayatra parade)


  • 6 people for Prasadam Preparation and Cooking - Saturday 13th at the temple from 9am to 18:00pm.  Help Balagopala and Errol prabhus with the preparation and cooking of the Rathayatra feast.
  • 4 people to help set up the tents and general clean-up on Dam square (10:00am to 15:00pm)
  • 4 Safety Assistants (14:30pm to 19:00pm) to assist in the managing the crowds/guests on the square. Must be polite and helpful with the public and able to deal with issues/situations as they arise.
  • 4 people to help clean-up and break down the tents on the square (16:00pm to 20:00pm)
  • 8 Assistants to serve Prasadam on Dam square (14:45 to 18:30) – Must enjoy serving people, smiling and helpful.
  • 1 driver for Prasadam transfer and run around (10:00am to 18:00pm) – If you have your own van/estate car that is preferable.  
  • Distribute fliers and posters of the festival to your friends, family and in your local area (shops, restaurants, yoga/spiritual/social centre etc).
  • Fliers and posters will be made available soon. 
There is room for everyone to participate and offer their service in some way.  If someone is interested in a particular service from the list on the left-hand side, please send the following information:
  • name,
  • email address,
  • contact phone number and
  • type of service and committed hours/days available*
to Baladeva dasa:    balakeilman [a]  (replace the "[a]" with "@" and remove the spaces.)